Channel Clearing

A space created to have intimate conversation with the Soul.

Channel Clearing is a sacred space of Spiritual Alignment with your Soul to acknowledge, surrender and release limited beliefs, deeply rooted and outdated habits of thought, past trauma, or any fear holding you in an unhealthy state of being.


Utilize Channel Clearing to receive clarity, heal, and shift into Vibrant Living.

No more feeling stuck or scattered with emotions.

Rid yourself of overwhelm, frustration, and exhaustion.

Shift your energy and mindset into vibrant living.

Feel held and supported by your Soul.

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"I went to Ann for a past life reading via zoom. It was a profound experience that she walked me through and made me feel SO comfortable with. I have worked with a lot of healers, and she is one of the best. She approaches the session like she is your friend and supports you in the deep work of visiting past experiences, that can often times be uncomfortable. She has a true gift, and you will experience it your first time talking with her"​

Janessa Mast

Digital Marketer

“I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but I was curious and excited. Your ability to tap directly into my soul was amazing. The things you shared with me resonated as true. Some were new insights, others confirmations, and all were eye-opening and life changing! Thank you for sharing this unique ability!”

Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson

Intuitive Coach and Best Selling Author


Channeled Conversations with the Infinite

WE is a collective consciousness, some call it Source, Universe, Life, Higher Power, Creator, God – many names for the One Source of Wellbeing that ALL are powered by.

WE like our title – WE. WE provided that “name” to Ann because she insisted on a name. WE believe names to be unnecessary, however, WE know that in your human form, you like to assign names or labels as identifiers in your human experience.

WE like WE because you are included in this consciousness called, WE.

Your Soul resides with US and You. WE are ONE. There is no separation, therefore WE love WE and all the wellbeing that surrounds you and within you. Welcome Home.

Come join US for a thought-provoking party in the Facebook WE community where you will learn how thoughts become things by way of Universal Law and how the two intertwine to become your reality.

Learn how to navigate your human experience on the Stairway to Joy and how to transform any emotion through the Transformation Equation.

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Now Available For Purchase: Women Who Shine

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