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Welcome Home!

Are you feeling a call to come home? Do you long for peace within? Do you long for something, yet you do not know what it is? Do these feelings keep churning inside you? This is your soul calling you home.

Allow me to introduce you to your soul that infinite being residing deep within the core of you. Your soul is grand, noble, wise and is patiently waiting for you to come home. Your soul is calling your name, calling you home.

Are you at a point in your life where you are tired, perhaps frustrated with the inability to move forward? Are you confused, overwhelmed or depressed? Are your thoughts clean or are they muddied with self-sabotaging thoughts such as unworthiness, insecurity or guilt?

Have you reached a crossroad? Do you want to go back down the worn path you came from? Do you go left, right or persevere straight ahead? Does it feel like you are standing in a crossroad to nowhere not wanting to go back yet too fearful to choose any path?

A crossroad is a wonderful place to be. The crossroad is opportunity to transform your life and pave the road you desire to travel. You are the engineer and you “get” to build your own road. Life is a privilege and you “get” to live it.

Your soul desires you to dream, create and build the life you desire. Are you willing right now to take 100% responsibility for your life? Are you willing to take 100% responsibility for all 60-70,000 thoughts per day that enter your mind, how you react to those thoughts, and turning thought into opportunity? If the answer is yes, WELCOME HOME.

Ann Klossing

Welcome Home!

I have experienced the crossroad. I began my transformation during my second marriage, an extremely tumultuous time in my life where mental storms brewed and brought forth unpleasant events. This is where I was met at the crossroads by my inner voice, my soul. This voice spoke to me exposing the value of choice. I had a choice to stay in an unpleasant place where my health continued to deteriorate and the temptation to end my life was real, or I could find out who I am and why I chose this life. At the crossroads, I listened (hearing – one of the five senses) to a new voice where I was able to feel and observe in that moment. I heard the call. I listened and heard the call to come home.

I have a successfully danced with depression as it tangoed its way in and out of my life. Traumatic events arrived before me where I allowed depression to lead the dance. While in that state of depression, I set no boundaries for myself and allowed others to manipulate me. I played the victim, and my life events are evident of that role. It was not until I sat in the middle of the crossroad where I made the decision to take the lead in the dance. No more would I allow this disease of mindset lead the tango. This was my dance floor. I chose a new partner, my soul, who guides me, not leads me. I am the creator of my life who is guided by the heavens above. I am enough, and so are you! 

I am a co-author of Women Who Shine, and an author of my inspirational memoir, Finding You IS Finding God, Overcoming Abuse, Depression and Fear which will be published soon.

One-on-One Channel Clearing

Channel clearing is an intimate discovery process between the individual and their soul where I minister the conversation through a letter to God. My job is to obtain the information the soul desires to bring forward. This information is brought forth only through love, unconditionally. 

What information comes forward? Pure, unconditional love, the information you need to know now, and the homework you need to complete to create the shift within you. Homework? Yes, there is always homework. For some, this work will feel like play time. For others, the homework will be work, however it is the work handed to you lovingly by your soul. It is the work you need to complete to lead the life you so desire and crave deeply within you. It is the work that will bring you home. Welcome home!

What do you need to prepare? Nothing. Do clear your mind of expectation. You may set an intention; however, it is not needed. Your soul knows precisely what you need at this moment in time. 

Janessa Mast, Digital Marketer

"I went to Ann for a past life reading via zoom. It was a profound experience that she walked me through and made me feel SO comfortable with. I have worked with a lot of healers, and she is one of the best. She approaches the session like she is your friend and supports you in the deep work of visiting past experiences, that can often times be uncomfortable. She has a true gift, and you will experience it your first time talking with her"​

Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson, Intuitive Coach and Best Selling Author

“I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but I was curious and excited. Your ability to tap directly into my soul was amazing. The things you shared with me resonated as true. Some were new insights, others confirmations, and all were eye opening and life changing! Thank you for sharing this unique ability!” - Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson, Intuitive Coach and Best Selling Author