About Me

My personal history is agriculture. I was born and raised on a farm in northern Illinois. My college years uprooted me to southwest Wisconsin where I have remained. I spent most of my career working for USDA as a soil conservationist and finished my corporate experience in retail agriculture. Life has unusual twists and turns where I flailed around in various work experience because I was not emotionally balanced.

So how did I end up here as an author and intuitive coach? I began to respect my inner voice. I began to like myself and in time, love myself unconditionally. I started saying “yes” to opportunities that interested me. I stopped doing things out of obligation or guilt and began following my heart. I stopped fretting over money and “how” I was going to become an author. When I let down my invisible shield of protection, I allowed all the good to come to me. It was as if I opened the floodgates to success! I gave myself permission to become a sponge of knowledge in the areas that lit my heart on fire. I stopped pulling on the reigns then handed them to God. When I surrendered all outcomes to God, my life became much simpler. It was then I discovered my purpose, and I agreed to follow. Easy? No. I constantly remind myself to surrender.  

Why work with me? Because I know the tricks of the ego. I have the tools to outsmart the ego and live a joyous life. Can I fix you? No. That is the beauty of life. No one can fix you. Only you can fix you. How? You need the tools stored in my toolbox to change your thought process, mindset. I also have the gift to speak with your soul. It is your soul that will identify areas you need to work on and provide you the homework to “fix” the obstacle. Your soul will clear the path for you. It is up to you to follow the path and do the work that will transform your life forever. This is how you “fix” you.  

I am a co-author of Women Who Shine, and an author of my inspirational memoir, Finding You IS Finding God, Overcoming Abuse, Depression and Fear which will be published soon. 


Usui System of Natural Healing, First Degree, Reiki Two Practitioner and Master Practitioner

Reignite Your Life, Canfield Training Group

Breakthrough to Success, Canfield Training Group

Permission Granted, Patty Aubery