Ann Klossing

Channel Clearing
Be Prepared to Transform!

A dear friend of mine possesses the gift of clarity where she receives instantaneous downloads from God for the person she is working with. This dear lady delivered the term “channel clearing” demanding I write it down. I was perplexed yet curious. The second command was to channel, right here, right now. I sat on the other end of the phone dumbfounded. “You want me to do what”, I asked. She insisted I channel that instance. I resisted her. We came to a truce. I would write a letter to God and her soul and report back to her. This was the very first time I channeled for anyone other than myself. It was in that very moment I discovered my gift from God, Channel Clearing. 

A channel is a means of communication in the form of energy. The communication is in the form of thought where I am provided information for your learning experience and growth. The information brought forward is the “clearing” portion of the term, channel clearing. This is where the obstacle is exposed and cleared by you through the homework you are provided by your soul. The obstacle can be a limited belief, and old trauma, fear and/or anxiety, or a chronic negative state of being. 

Do you feel stagnant, and are you ready to change and shift into a new way of thinking? A channel clearing session can transform your life into action. It is opportunity to clear what no longer serves you and begin the discovery process of finding you! 

One session will identify the mindset block you are holding on to, and the homework required to clear and remove the obstacle. It takes me approximately one hour to write your letter to God. Zoom sessions are one hour in length where I will review your letter to God/soul to answer any questions you may have. Sessions can be recorded, and the letter is yours to keep. 

When booking a session, you will be asked for your full name: first, full middle name, and last. If you have changed your name, I only need your full birth name as this is the name that is stored in the Akashic Record (soul record). I will also need permission to communicate with your soul. 

How it Works

Make The Decision
Making the decision is always the first step toward any transformational process, but it's often the most important step! Make the decision to open up your soul!
Schedule a Meeting
Make An Appointment
Schedule an appointment on my calendar. I will need your birth name, first, middle (complete middle name) and last (maiden), as well as permission to speak with your soul. These are required fields to complete at the time of scheduling.
Schedule a Meeting
Experience the transformation
Experience The Transformation
Sit back, keep an open mind, and experience the transformation that comes with channel clearing. Some will have homework that feels like play, and others homework that feels like work, however it is the work that is handed over to you lovingly from your soul!
Experience the transformation