Ways you can work with me

Channel Clearing

Channel Clearing is my spiritual gift where I work intimately with your Soul to discover areas in your life that need to be surrendered, released, and healed placing you on a forward direction to creating a life you love.

Imagine………receiving clarity from your Soul that will place you on the fast track of vibrant living.

Lean into the feeling of release and relief of breaking through inner turmoil and emotional barriers so that you can shift into a new, lighter energy and go in the direction of your passion and purpose.

WE - Infinite Intelligence

I channel “WE”. Through my own healing practice with automatic writing, I discovered “WE”. My letters to God revealed the Infinite Intelligence of WE, a collective consciousness – or what I refer to as God Consciousness – the I AM THAT I AM – Creator Energy.

When I asked for a name of who I was channeling, WE is all they would provide because they desire everyone to understand that WE are all One – the Infinite AND the human – ALL ONE.  

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Work 1:1 With Ann

WE Mentorship Opportunities

WE+1 Mentorship a 2 week journey

Receive an intimate reading with your Soul where you will encounter a deep level of healing and a prescription from your Soul to follow. Your second 1-1 with me will follow up on your prescription and answer questions or concerns.

WE+1 Life Transformation Mentorship – an 8 week Journey from Uncertainty to Knowing

This is an 8 week intensive program where you will receive a Soul reading and prescription for each Life Quadrant: Health and Well-being, Vocation, Time and Money Freedom, and Relationships.

At the end of your 8-week journey, you will receive a life blueprint from your Soul, cultivate a relationship with your Soul and be given the tools and meditations that you will use for a LIFETIME to maintain that relationship. 

Imagine having your Soul guide you through every step of the way as you observe your life goals, dreams, and visions expand beyond your wildest imagination.

To work 1-1 with Ann, contact her on her Facebook page by Direct Messaging her: WE+1 Application or WE+1 TRANSFORM


Contact her by email:

"I went to Ann for a past life reading via zoom. It was a profound experience that she walked me through and made me feel SO comfortable with. I have worked with a lot of healers, and she is one of the best. She approaches the session like she is your friend and supports you in the deep work of visiting past experiences, that can often times be uncomfortable. She has a true gift, and you will experience it your first time talking with her"​

Janessa Mast

Digital Marketer

“I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but I was curious and excited. Your ability to tap directly into my soul was amazing. The things you shared with me resonated as true. Some were new insights, others confirmations, and all were eye-opening and life changing! Thank you for sharing this unique ability!”

Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson

Intuitive Coach and Best Selling Author